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All of our original songs follow content appearing on the multi-state bar exam. Our songs supplement conventional study methods and make studying for the bar painless.


We take studying away from the books and, through music, bring it to the car, the gym, or the sofa. So check us out and download our app - there are four free songs waiting for you!

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"Study Songs is ingenious. It made studying for the bar so much more fun and made memorizing material effortless.”

-Stephanie, Fordham Law

"Study songs' tunes were so catchy that I found I was still singing to myself long after I'd stopped listening - they really got stuck in my head. This will make it so much easier to memorize bar exam material, and in such a fun way!” - Lauren, Harvard Law

“I was overwhelmed by the professional quality and detail in the songs. Study Songs really has done it right, and is the key to the future of studying.” - Adam, Georgetown University Law Center

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